What is Hyperroller?
The patent-pending HyperRoller is a hand held, weighted, professional grade therapy device designed to reduce strain on the user, provide sufficient weight and a thick rolling surface to help reduce muscle trigger point pain, improve mobility, and enhance tissue performance. HyperRollers are designed for both professional and personal use.
Who needs Hyperroller?
The HyperRoller is designed for those individuals looking to take better care of their physical health. Whether you’re a healthcare professional, fitness enthusiast, Personal Trainer or you yourself suffer from muscular discomfort, the HyperRoller provides a natural approach to improving your physical and soft tissue health. The HyperRoller is portable, easy-to-use, and designed to reduce strain on the user.
Get Hyped about your health and use your HyperRoller everyday!

  • Pre-activity: Warm up muscle tissue and help prepare muscles for activity by rolling necessary muscle groups for 30-60 seconds.
  • During activity: Roll to help relieve minor muscular dysfunction that might feel like: soreness, tightness, and spasms.
  • Post-activity: Roll your entire body or specific body regions to help prevent minor aches, soreness and discomfort.

Product Features

  • Portable sleek design
  • Non-slip hand grips
  • Easy to clean
  • Made from high density UHMW
  • 21” long
  • 3” thick roller
  • 10lb. total weight

How does it Work?

The HyperRoller is designed to assist the user, through its weight and size, to assist in providing the necessary pressure and depth required to properly treat tight muscles and trigger points.